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Trash & Recycling Management

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Service System

  • Door-to-Door Trash Valet pick-up from Resident's Door by Professional, Clean-Cut Uniformed Service Valets
  • Door-to-Door Recycling 'Blue Bag' pick-up from Resident's Door
  • Trash is collected in a Shoulder Harnessed, Anti-Drip Collection Container
  • Review and Inspect Simply Valet's provided Trash Container
  • Replace Trash Containers as Needed for FREE
  • Trash Bags Taken to On-Site Dumpster / Compactor for Disposal
  • Dumpster Area Swept Clean of Loose Trash
Service System


  • Flex Billing Options
  • Quick Implementation
  • Our system makes it easy to seamlessly implement into the largest portfolios and also smaller privately owned/managed properties increase Net Operating Income without Budgeting


  • Attractive, Uniformed, Closed-Lid Containers Provided for Each Unit
  • All Containers are Printed with Simply Valet Contact Information - residents can call us with questions 24/7
  • Trash Containers are made of Fire Retardant Material